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Work with us

We're always looking for talented types to join the Oval team.

Hopefully you like what you've seen about us on our website. Maybe you've even met one of us and thought "he/she seems nice, and Oval sounds like a cool place to work". Or perhaps you have simply stumbled here when actually you were doing some research on 'egg shapes'. No matter, now you're here.... We're currently recruiting for the following positions.

Web Developers

At the moment, we are really keen to hear from potential stars who want to join us as web developers. We need you to be up to speed with PHP, Bootstrap, and other whizzy stuff. You'll be working on a wide range of projects, so flexibility and the ability to multi-task would be marvellous.

Collaboration Consultant

We're also on the hunt for a brilliant, social media-savvy collaboration consultant. If you think this sounds right up your street, you'll need to have prior knowledge of one or more corporate internal social collaboration platforms, such as Podio, Yammer, Sharepoint, Huddle etc. You will also be someone who loves nothing more than coming to the rescue of organisations with established collaboration needs, by explaining - in a nice, clear manner - how a solution could work for them, and assisting with subsequent implementation and training.

Our ethos is simple; we work hard, but we have fun at the same time. We genuinely believe in what we are doing, and genuinely have the desire to go above and beyond for our clients. The Oval team all benefits from offices in lovely rural locations, as well as a great salary and benefits package. Sound good? Then drop us a line, and let's have a chat!

Please don't take it personally, but no agencies please (seriously...we mean it)!

Need some help working out what you need might/might not need? contact us