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Digital transformation projects, delivered - allowing you to do more, for less effort

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Bespoke application development


We develop tailor-made web based software, allowing you to make your business processes lean, transparent, and fit for purpose.

Best for: guaranteed pixel-perfect control over screen layout, implementation of mature workflows and established processes, custom API integrations with other platforms, avoiding vendor lock-in, open source systems with future flexibility, catering for the distinctive characteristics unique to your business.

Social collaboration & digital work tools


You cannot communicate, collaborate, or run a business effectively, on email and attachments alone

We build cutting-edge, dynamic business systems to enable you to conduct your work transparently, effectively, and in tandem with your colleagues, partners and suppliers. We use Podio (by Citrix) to develop apps to handle CRM, project management, social intranets and much more. Podio systems are mobile-ready out-of-the-box, and can grow with you as your requirements change. We use the Podio API to extend Podio's functionality, and to integrate with existing or bespoke systems.

Digital innovation & web product development


Need to scratch an entrepreneurial itch?

Have an idea for the next big web 'thing'? Make no mistake - you need a team of experienced software engineers, with a keen focus on quality. Contact us to find out how we can start with a simple prototype, and take it from there.