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Our areas of excellence

Workflow and business processes automation

We create powerful workflow automations.
Users spend less time thinking about what should be established processes, and can focus on taking meaningful action.


  • Time savings
  • Clarity over business processes and consistency

Knowledge management systems

Invest in one of your organisation's most important assets.
Centralise information and 'knowledge capital' via a bespoke, collaborative knowledge management platform.


  • Eliminate the succession planning headache
  • Total transparency over practices and processes

Client/customer portals

Extranets offer a highly efficient way to communicate and share information with clients, partners and your team, within a highly secure private website.
Cut down on mail and email, instead using a centralised digital system to share information in real time.


  • Efficient way to communicate
  • Highly secure
  • Add value by offering 'private members' access to: project progress, statements, documentation etc.

Systems integration

We all know that having enterprise data scattered across multiple systems cannot be a good thing.
We are able to use a number of approaches to fully integrate systems, cutting down on manual effort, eliminating risk of error and providing real-time updates between platforms.
Even where integration is not viable, there are usually ways to provide data exchange interfaces which execute on a scheduled basis.


  • Break down technological and artificial barriers between systems
  • Negate the need to start afresh with new systems, saving time and money
  • Eliminate errors caused by duplication of effort


Communicating via email and attachments has been proven to be inefficient, and 'email overload' is often cited as a global epidemic.
The true remedy comes in the form of an easy to use, social intranet.
Be selective though; it needs to be structured in a way that facilitates getting work done, allows for communication in context and embraces mobile.


  • Kill off internal emails
  • Communicate transparently and in context
  • Handle messaging, work, project management and task management in the same place
  • Boost engagement with tools that borrow from the best bits of social media

Analytics & BI dashboards

Go from data debris to information insight, with the help of a clean and clear business dashboard.
Gathering data is one thing, but presenting it in a way that allows you to make informed, timely decisions is the name of the game.
Available as custom solutions, or built using PowerBI.


  • Super-digestible management information dashboards
  • Ability to drill-down to underlying data
  • Real-time updates
  • Negate the need to run routine reports

Mapping & GIS

Combine base maps with business information layers to empower your business with easy to use geographic information systems.
We use a range of tools including OpenStreetMap, Mapbox, Leaflet and Google Maps.


  • Beautiful data visualisation
  • Familiar, intuitive concept
  • Abundance of available mapping tools to use as the foundation

Customer relationship management

Your clients and prospects now generate so much information that's valuable to your business, it would be a crime not to nurture it via a powerful CRM system.
Be it something fully bespoke, or a tailored Podio system, we can help you to organise your customer relationship development activities, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.


  • Single view of the customer journey, from new lead to serviced client
  • Allow anyone in your team to pick up where a colleague left off

Product line management

We build comprehensive PLM systems that allow organisations to gain proper control over their product lines, including all aspects of the supply chain from raw materials through to packaging.


  • Total control over product line
  • Improve and maintain quality more easily
  • Better governance and compliance

Master data management

Done properly, a good MDM solution will enable your organisation to streamline data management and reduce the risk of dealing with conflicting data.
Product line management becomes simpler and less error prone and data sharing across multiple systems can be handled reliably.


  • Single version of the truth
  • Consistent data
  • Update it only once

Website development + CMS

We develop all kinds of websites - from simple brochure sites, to secure extranet portals. We also provide the tools to help you manage them.
Our work includes everything from WordPress and Wix, through to fully bespoke systems, hand-coded around a PHP stack.


  • Establish a compelling web presence
  • Easy to use content management
  • Edit-in-place facility for intuitive updates
  • Mobile-ready responsive designs that adapt for display on phones, tablets and desktop devices

Mobile app development

More web traffic is consumed by mobile, than by desktop devices. Mobile is important, growing, and here to stay.
The challenge for companies is that developing and then maintaining mobile applications for different platforms can be costly and challenging.
We reduce costs and achieve maintainability by using tools like Xamarin to develop once, but for multiple platforms.


  • Get on the right side of the 'go mobile or go home' wave
  • The right solution for you (responsive vs hybrid vs native)
  • Reach your customers, clients, user, wherever they are

Payment solutions

Customers and clients expect a lot. Not least, for the payment process to be simple, familiar and painless. For organisations, the benefits to cashflow are immediate.
We work with any payment gateway that is compliant, well supported and which has a high quality API - most commonly Stripe and Braintree.


  • Deliver the experience customers expect
  • Immediate payment for your goods and services
  • Leverage the power of established compliant services

E-signature solutions

Too many e-signature solutions operate on a standalone basis.
We work with APIs from leading providers, to integrate them with other SaaS solutions.


  • Dramatically cut-down the time taken to close a process (eg a deal, a project, a new recruit)
  • Capture signature with a legally binding certificate
  • Enable multiple signature options to suit the signer
  • Build signatures into your workflow as a seamless process

Rich media management

Rich media content - images and videos - is no longer the sole preserve of big players with big budgets.
Companies of all sizes are using video for marketing, e-learning, and sales. Understanding how to manage the creation, processing, storage, and delivery of rich media isn't easy.
We can orchestrate a solution based on a micro-service orientated architecture for you, for example on AWS or IBM Bluemix.


  • Ability to upload and consume rich media content within your systems
  • Track analytics to understand the value of media assets
  • Embrace the fastest growing aspect of internet usage
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