Bespoke Application Development

Tailor-made web applications to transform your business processes

Our tools of choice

Not all web development tools, platforms or languages are created equal. We have carefully selected the best tools for use as part of out application development armoury.

PHP & friends

PHP is the most ubiquitous server-side scripting language out there on the web. As with any language, it has strengths and weaknesses; good examples and bad. We get the most out of PHP by using it in conjunction with carefully selected frameworks, and alongside emerging web technologies. By doing so, we initiate the creation of a killer blend of robust development, ongoing 'supportability' and cutting edge user experiences.

APIs, microservices & AWS

There are so many ways to weave the web. Give us multiple systems, with decent APIs, and we can create powerful integrations for you. We also have strong proven experience in the architecture and implementation of microservice-based enterprise systems. This is a great way to build flexible, scalable systems with services that can be easily upgraded, swapped out, or commissioned as demand changes.

IBM Notes/Domino

We have a thirteen year history with the IBM Domino platform, and can advise on the best way to both build new applications and modernise existing ones. In particular, we can work with you from an independent point of view to determine whether to migrate, update or innovate (there are some great ways to enjoy the best of both worlds)!


.NET is the development platform used by millions of developers to create apps and services on any device and OS, with amazing performance and great developer productivity. Using .NET with Visual Studio, and Xamarin for mobile apps, we create powerful enterprise solutions.

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