As you can imagine, we spend a fair amount of time talking tech in the office. We love anything that can make our lives easier and, of course, have fallen into the trap of being slaves to our phones as much as the next person! App recommendations are always welcome, mainly because the market is now so immense, it can be difficult to stay on top of what’s on offer. A few lunchtimes ago, we were having a quick ‘what do you use the most/love the most’ app chat in the office, and thought we may as well share the results with you all in case there’s something in there that could make a difference to you and your life ūüôā



WAZE¬†¬†It’s like a cheat code for traffic, I don’t drive without it”
SKYSCANNER¬†¬†“Absolutely essential for flight planning, and love that you can set up alerts for when prices drop”
DUOLINGO¬† ‘”Fun language learning on the go. With a nice UI and really incentivising gamification”
GOOGLE TRANSLATE¬† “Needless to say, it’s come in very handy in the past when I’ve been traveling”
COUCH TO 5K¬† “Can’t rate this enough. Whichever version you download, it’ll get you off the sofa and moving, with the ability to run 5k up your sleeve in a matter of weeks”
STRAVA¬† “Very clever ride and run tracking app; if it’s not on Strava, did it even happen..?!”
BODITRAX¬† “Links to a clever machine at the gym, which tells me everything I did (not) want to know about my body composition and metabolic age”
MAPMYRUN¬† “A good alternative to use when you don’t have¬† fancypants fitness watch on your wrist”
HEADSPACE¬† “Great for getting your meditation practice¬†up and running”
WORDBRAIN¬† “Infuriating, yet alluring word puzzled designed to enhance mental agility”
CALM¬† “Very versatile access to wellbeing community and tools”
HAPPIER¬† “Particularly enjoyed the 21 days to happiness challenge, really good for focusing your mind on priorities and what really matters”
NUTMEG¬† “Depressing way to track erosion of what little savings I have on a daily basis, as global stock market volatility takes its toll; nice app though”
REVOLUT¬† “A challenger bank that’s really useful for making purchases abroad, with a good level of granular security”
OLIO¬† “Gets me free food…and I got a free bottle of Glenfiddich whisky the other day!”
RINGGO/PAYBYPHONE¬† “I never have change for parking, and this solves the problem.¬†gives you notifications when the parking is running out, and also has a handy map if you forgot where you left your car :)”
CLOUDLIBRARY¬† “Gives me free books to read that I borrow from my local library – probably saves me ¬£200+ a year”
SHAZAM¬† “Listens to a song and tells you what it is; I’m in awe of Shazam”
AUDIBLE¬† “Many a long journey has been made more enjoyable with the company of an audiobook; Audible has them all, and a great subscription service”
NIGHTSKY¬† “One of those augmented reality apps that shows the location of planets, stars, constellations, satellites etc. as you move your phone around the sky. Really clever – the kids love it”