With Domino 10 safely out of the door, IBM are already looking forward to the next release.

To this end, IBM are engaging with current users, developers and administrators of Notes and Domino to provide them with a forum to share their thoughts, ideas and feedback on what’s right – and what’s wrong – with the platform. IBM calls these little get-togethers ‘Domino Jams’.

We attended the Domino Jam last year at IBM’s South Bank office in London prior to v10’s release, and it was refreshing to see how open IBM and HCL were to ideas and criticism about Notes and Domino. A number of pain points were voiced, including usability, ‘coolness’, technical direction, and marketing – and it was good to see that, not only were these taken on board, but a number had already been identified and were planned to be addressed for v10. All of the information gathered at the Jams across the world was then collated to form the basis of additional development for v10, v11, and beyond.

Well, now IBM have continued this momentum with the announcement of Domino v11 Jams.

If you’re interested in having a say on the future of Domino, along with an insight on IBM’s vision, we strongly suggest you attend one.

IBM are visiting the following locations with Domino Jams in 2019:

  • Europe
    • Frankfurt, Germany
    • London, UK
    • Vienna, Austria
    • Zurich, Switzerland
    • Stockholm, Sweden
  • North America
    • Chicago
    • Toronto
  • Asia
    • Tokyo, Japan
    • Beijing, China
    • Mumbai, India
  • Latin America
    • Brasília, Brazil
    • Rio, Brazil

Further information can be found at the IBM link here.

If you can’t attend a Jam near you, get in contact with us and share your views on Domino.  We’ll be happy to put forward any suggestions or concerns to IBM on your behalf.