Sometimes it’s the little things that grab people’s attention.

IBM released an update to their on-premise version of Verse the other day.

If you’re not familiar with it, Verse is IBM’s latest browser-based e-mail/calendaring client, with loads of features designed to turn your inbox into a clean task-based system.  This puts you in a better position to just get things done within the context of an e-mail, and works especially well with IBM Connections.

One of the advantages of this is it pulls down information from Connections relating to your e-mail contacts, showing things like their profile picture.  However until the latest release of Verse, Connections has been the only source of this.

Now, with the release of 1.0.5 this week, Verse will also retrieve profile pictures from Gravatar.  This means that any e-mail recipients who have assigned a profile picture in Gravatar will have their image appear in Verse!

Whether this will make a massive difference in your productivity is possibly debatable, however it does make Verse a lot more personable place to be.

If you do install Verse 1.0.5, make sure to add VOP_GK_FEATURE_182=1 to your notes.ini to enable the Gravatar feature.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in finding out how Verse can help you work better, or if you’d like a hand with upgrading Verse or adding it to your existing Domino system.

UPDATE 12/11/2018: IBM have subsequently released an ‘interim fix’ for Verse on-premises to resolve an issue with the inbox not loading.  It can be downloaded from IBM’s Fix Central here.