Tomorrow’s a very important date – 10/10/2018.  It’s the date when IBM proudly pulls the covers off its latest version of the Domino server and Notes client, which has reached – yes, you’ve guessed it – version 10.

It’s fair to say that IBM hasn’t paid much attention to Notes or Domino since version 9 was released over 5 years ago (and some say since 8.5 – released 10 years ago!), however the recent announcement of its partnership with HCL Technologies in 2017 has reinvigorated development in the platform.  IBM’s marketing department are also playing their part, with a concerted push to get the message out with its ‘Destination Domino‘ initiative.

So what can we expect from Domino 10?

The big headline grabber is Domino’s support for node.js.  This will initially arrive in ‘beta’ form tomorrow, so probably not a good idea to start developing production systems quite yet, but that won’t be for long.

So what is node.js?  It’s a server-based JavaScript runtime and development environment that allows you to create feature-rich applications, and IBM see it as a parallel development platform alongside the tools and languages available in Domino Designer.  Node.js’s functionality can be extended with npm modules (node package manager), and it’s with one of these that IBM are integrating Domino into the node.js ecosystem – with the new dominodb npm module.  This will provide full and fast access to Domino as a data store, and in doing so exposing it to the node.js development community.  It will also give Domino developers an alternative environment to modernise and enhance their existing Domino applications.

There are a number of other goodies coming along in Domino 10, including:

  • New LotusScript functions to cater for web services
  • Faster Notes client, with more customisation options
  • Extra mail features, such as scheduled mail
  • Automated database repair
  • Increased size limits – 256GB NSF files
  • New fast search language for databases – Domino Query Language – with a similar syntax to SQL
  • Native access to Notes applications on Apple’s iOS devices

It will be made available on IBM’s Password Advantage site, and we’ll be sure to be one of the first to grab a copy.

If you’d like to find out more about what Domino 10 can do for you, either as an existing user looking to upgrade or for a new installation, please get in touch.