Our client

A very well recognised global brand, leading the way in energy, oil and gas. This prestigious client is focused on helping to drive the transition to a lower carbon future.


This international business develops, and delivers to market, the most complete portfolio of lubricants available, covering automotive, industrial, energy and marine applications. Each product has very exacting specifications, including its own supply chain, raw materials, packaging specs and safety documentation.

In a highly regulated industry, any changes to how a product is developed, manufactured, packaged or supported, need to be strictly controlled. Therefore, the client needed a robust and comprehensive workflow system to gather, review, approve (or indeed reject) suggested amendments to products.

Services provided

We worked closely with the project’s stakeholders to learn everything about their processes and requirements. Having understood the nuances of how they operate, we set about specifying, planning and building a comprehensive change request system.

The platform was built on the company’s existing IBM infrastructure, and is accessible to end users via their (web) browser.

They now have a well-established go-to system through which all change requests are channeled. These change requests relate to anything from a packaging label amendment, to a change in product formulation.

The benefits

The benefits that this digital platform delivers to the business are multifarious:

The project cost was well controlled; the platform leveraged the client’s existing investment in IBM technology. The application is accessed via a browser, with no need for any local software installation.

All stages of the workflow process are tailored according to the nature of the request, and audited at every step, providing full transparency throughout.

The client has been able to tame a potentially chaotic process, gaining full control over every aspect of their product portfolio!