The interaction between Lotus Notes Designer and Sourcetree can be a bit fiddly. Here’s a step-by-step of how to put an application under source control.

1) Create the BitBucket repository

  • Create repository using your Bitbucket account.
  • View the repository Overview, click “Clone in SourceTree” (sourcetree opens & adds the repository)
  • SourceTree will run, and gather the current info from the repository (ie, nothing)

2) Get it ready for use with Notes/Domino

  • In Sourcetree, single right click on the repository and choose ‘open in explorer’.
  • From that directory, create a sub-directory to contain the nsf file. I always call it “nsf”.

3) Point the Notes application at the Repository

  • Create a blank application nsf in Notes.
    • If you have an existing application, just locate this in Domino Designer.
    • IMPORTANT: For all applications under source control, ensure you get the ACL right for you and anyone else who will be working on it. Notes gets very very upset if the user is trying to import changes from an On-Disk Project, one of which is the ACL denying them access!
  • Single right click on application in designer, choose Team Development / Set up Source Control for this application.. This creates an On-Disk Project (ODP).
  • Un-tick the “Default location” otpion and choose the directory you want to use. This should be the nsf folder you created in the repository.
    ODP is created – in fact this is just a pointer to the ODP. The nsf directory is ‘referred to’ rather than overwritten.

4) Update the repository from the application

  • Locate your ODP in the Package Explorer in Designer. Single right click on it, and choose ‘refresh’. then single right-click again, and choose Team Development -> Synch with NSF. This updates the ODP from the actual nsf file.
  • From SourceTree, commit the changes (addition of .settings, AppProperties directory + a few more under the nsf directory).
  • Click “Push” to Push to the remote repository.