Vinehouse provides a full recruitment and HR service, specifically aimed at small to medium sized businesses worldwide.


Vinehouse had identified Podio as an effective tool for managing and automating their recruitment processes, having previously used a large spreadsheet to manage candidate applications.
They have a range of candidate reviewers, interviewers and clients who each need access to specific parts of the process.

It was vital that, throughout the system, client and candidate data should remain secure, and only viewable by a designated administrator.

Services provided

  • Podio workspaces and apps were created to offer separation for administrators and reviewers/interviewers
  • Jotform was chosen for applicant submissions, and was integrated with Podio to allow information to auto-populate relevant fields
  • A bespoke web portal was created for ease of candidate reviewing, updating interview material and marking.

Tools used: Podio, JotForm, Globiflow, MVC5 5, AngularJS, Bootstrap 3, JQuery, MSSQL, Doctrine.