Future Foundations is an independent training organisation which believes in the power of people. Their goal is to help create a generation of inspirational, confident, and optimistic young people who are leaders in their lives and society. The organisation has worked with over 10,000 individuals between the ages of 10 to 24 in the last ten years, and has established a reputation for impact, for incredible facilitators, and for their ability to motivate young people to achieve their full potential.

the brief
Future Foundations already used Podio for various elements of their work and organisation, but knew that they could be using it even more. They asked us to spend a day with them, answering questions, and downloading our ‘Podio brains’!

the solution
We visited Future Foundations in their offices, and began by getting a complete picture of how they had been using Podio up to that point. From there, we looked at other processes conducted outside of Podio, to ascertain what could be incorporated into the existing set-up. This would ensure that the organisation could run cohesively and smoothly, with as much information contained within Podio as possible. The Future Foundations team also picked our brains on the questions they had about potential limitations and challenges they were coming up against. As well as streamlining processes, we also introduced them to Globiflow (the third party Podio workflow engine), in order to automate processes and add handle business logic.

Working with Oval on our Podio consultancy was a pleasure! Adrian visited our offices and brought his wealth of knowledge and expertise about the platform. He quickly tailored his approach to our needs and wants from the day, and we quickly began to make substantial progress with the main issues that had held us back to date. Adrian showed us real life examples of best practice from his organisation and others, and got our imaginations racing about what we could now do for our company. We ended the day on a real high, excited about the future and couldn’t wait to get started in developing our own in-house solutions.
Pete Cuff, CEO, Future Foundations