Edgecumbe Group is a UK based international business psychology consultancy. One of their business channels is a specialist employee engagement consultancy, providing survey solutions to help clients measure and improve employee engagement.

Already utilising Survey Gizmo, the organisation needed a system to create surveys for clients with numerous projects, with each project having its own survey.

Services provided
The Survey Gizmo API was exploited to retrieve survey question and answers, as well as respondent data. Each survey’s questions and answers are downloaded from Survey Gizmo; Edgecumbe wanted the ability to then ‘map’ those survey questions against benchmark questions where required. These responses are then downloaded. The system has approximately 24 different reports already existing and a subset can be assigned to a project. Each report uses the ‘mapped’ data and response data to produce its results.
Employees within an organisation being surveyed can be assigned to particular surveys, and level of access to the resulting report can also be defined, eg no access, limited access, full access.

Tools used: PHP, Bootstrap (responsive framework), HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, CodeIgniter PHP framework, HighCharts.