Oval website launch


So, it’s here at last. Our brand new website, which shows off our brand new branding. Yippee!

Having shown it to several members of the team, and to friends and family, I know that for some it’s proved to be a bit of a shocker when you first clap eyes on it. No bad thing, in my view. Sometimes we benefit from a bit of a jolt.

Arguably, it’s the antithesis to the old website.

The old website was fine. It was nice. Pleasant, you might say. Therein lies the problem. These adjectives are almost alarmingly conservative (try working one of them into a compliment about your partner’s appearance, and you’ll find out, for sure).

Furthermore, the old website was predictable. Fine, nice, pleasant, safe and predictable. I realised this one day, when doing some run of the mill SEO research. The software development and web design companies I encountered, were seemingly indistinguishable, and by no means memorable. The cascade of large photographic/video backgrounds proved to be beautiful in some cases, but nonetheless ubiquitous.

What we wanted, was for the new site to represent us and our values.

As a company, we have a strong appreciation of simplicity (make things as simple as possible, but no simpler), clean aesthetics (we like uncluttered) and boldness (we’re not afraid to take big, purposeful steps in order to deliver results). So our website is simple, clean and bold.

Some call it brave. Some call it crazy. Some simply say that the new logo is somewhat reminiscent of a Minion…and everyone loves a Minion, right?