Field Lover; the land matchmaking website

Field Lover is a website which aims to match land owners willing to rent with land users. The site seeks to cater for a wide range of functions, such as weddings, festivals, shows, car boot sales, grazing, sports and horticulture, and can arrange rentals for as little as half a day to agreements that are more long-term. The site also lists public sites.

the brief
Field Lover required a website that was both aesthetically pleasing and featured a high degree of functionality to enable effective searching. The site also needed a registration function, with a subsequent login feature for users to access their accounts. Potential field seekers and owners needed a quick and easy way to enquire for further information or to request assistance.

the solution
We built a website on PHP/MySQL architecture that enables users to quickly and easily create an account, submit listings, set up alerts, and make further enquiries. In addition, administrators have an intuitive ‘back end’ interface enabling them to approve listings and requests.

Visitors to the site are greeted with two options, one for those looking for a host field and one for land owners wanting to raise revenue by renting out their field. Land owners are able to post photos of their fields, add a description, and set out what they are happy for their land to be used for, as well as their pricing, which they can alter at any time. Signing up is free.

Artist Andrew Wightman was commissioned to produce some stunning, bespoke artwork for the site which truly reflects the nature of Field Lover’s intention.
Web design