We’re delighted to announce that our hugely popular Podio mapping tool has been relaunched in a bigger, better, and more useful form than ever before.

We have retained the ability to use the platform cost-free, for the basic – but supremely useful – mapping functionality offered previously.

In addition, we are now offering a competitively priced premium account that allows user access to a wide range of exciting new features, including:
Sharing maps with other users
Choice of a range of themes and transitions
Increased plotting capability, of up to 10 000 items
Ability to embed maps within your own website
Save maps
As you would expect, the user experience is both elegant and user-friendly. The existing website for the tool has been retired, and you can now find it at https://landmarkmaps.io/

As before, users are able to log in with their Podio account, negating the need for yet another set of credentials. Please take a look around; we would love to hear your feedback!