Here at Oval, we love being able to put faces to names, and finding out more about the people we work with. So, in order to practise what we preach and banish the impersonality that can surround ‘work life’, we’re starting a new series of weekly ‘this is who we are’ articles, introducing you to a member of Team Oval each time.

To start off, here’s a bit about Victoria, our Marketing & PR Manager…

Tell us a bit about what you do at Oval…
Shout loudly about how amazing Oval and AwardStage are. I also spend a lot of time talking through how the UX should work for our applications, managing AwardStage implementations, the odd Podio setup…..oh, and providing advice (whether invited or not…!) on correct use of the English language.

What’s your favourite food?
Anything involving pork and/or pastry; pork pies, scotch eggs, toad in the hole…..*slathers*

The last book you read?
Don’t Stop Me Now; 26.2 Tales of a Runner’s Obsession’ by Vassos Alexander. Amusing and inspiring in equal measure.

Your happiest moment…..
I can’t choose one; the most recent was crossing the finishing line of the Great South Run in 2016, mainly because I was delighted to have managed it without passing out/vomiting/crying!!
I am hoping this will soon be replaced by crossing the finishing line of the Great North Run in September (in one piece).

What gets you out of bed in the morning? 
Copious amounts of coffee. I am good at getting up when I have to, but it’s an effort :-/

You might not know it, but...
I have a degree in mechanical engineering, and am super passionate about encouraging girls and women to get involved in STEM.

Find Victoria on LinkedIn here.